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An Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning software that intuitively collects money for you 24/7.

B2B white-label integration product that provides a customized, AI-driven recovery solution.

No Talk Payments Quantum Leap in automated collection platform was built to make your company more profitable, by working around the clock to dramatically increase your collections revenue, while you focus on building your business.

Quick list of features and benifits.

  • Automates the collection process for optimum success.
  • Provides critical, targeted reporting data and filtering to help inform, improve, and maximize your business efficiency.
  • Unlimited Scalability. Add new loan products, portfolios easily.
  • Integrates seamlessly with softwares and vetted partners.
  • Orchestrates and manages the entire customer collection process.
  • Dramatically increases your collection recovery ratio and revenue.
  • Proven success with millions of dollars collected.
  • And that's just the beginning!
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Its like having 100,000 collectors working for you 24/7

Powerful Tools, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, responsive payment portal and amazing support.
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