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We know the secret of your success in collections


No Talk Payments is a white-label, technology-based debt collection agency that has established a reputation as a leader in automating the accounts receivable process.

We understand and work with each company's unique needs, and our proven service employs techniques like electronic recurring billing, notice letters, email, auto dialers, voice message delivery, live agent phone calls, and easy to use online payments.

Our service will reduce your accounts receivable and increase your cash flow, improving your bottom line while you focus on running your business.


Our proprietary system uses advanced technology to perform your debt collection tasks, including communication via file, real time updates through API, online payments, and credit bureau reporting.

We provide complete transparency, so you can track your accounts online and keep tabs on how the collection efforts are going.

And there are no hidden fees for you, or for those in debt to you. Our unique Decline Recovery and Debt Recovery services are the cornerstone of No Talk Payments


Our innovative and effective receivables management program is staffed by professional and courteous collection agents who follow the law and a strict code of ethical conduct.

Providing first class-service to corporate clients like you is important to us, and so is treating your customers with respect, giving them the opportunity to easily resolve their payment issue.

Our goal is to retire their debt, and help them become reliable customers for you. We're focused on customer retention and 100 percent recovery, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our system is easy to use, cost-effective, and keeps your customers paying on time.


So isn’t it time to outsource your debt collection to a company with an innovative system, proven track record, and a complete commitment to collection of your client debt?

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AI does the work

Our patented AI collects and analyzes your collections, prioritizes your best opportunities based on engagement and timeline, and it builds a dynamic collection model so you can always stay connected with the customers.

Platform Highlights

Consumer-friendly Outreach
Communicate with past-due customers in an engaging, consumer-friendly and hassle free manner, offering payment support services.
Payment Collection
Direct your customers towards a self-serve payment portal offering multiple payment options they can choose from.
Targeted Optimization
Enhance your debt recovery success through system response to data-driven behavioural insights and consumer profiles.
White Label Collection Services
No Talk Payments provides a 360 degree service with everything you need to connect, motivate, and collect from overdue customers, in the highest professional manner, and with your branding.
Personalization that can Scale
You can send thousands of personalized email and SMS payment notice messages in seconds, providing legally verifiable proof of the delivery of your communications, and then track, monitor, and analyze your customer interactions in real-time.
Self-service debt repayment platform
No Talk Payments powerful machine learning & Artificial Intelligence, responsive payment tracking, and customer self-service platform, puts your debt recovery efforts and the resulting Payments on autopilot.
24/7 Debt Collection and Recovery
Our system provides your customers with round-the-clock access to our innovative payment platform and services, collecting receivables even while you're sleeping. It's like having 100,000 collectors working for you!
Payment Flexibility
Our system gives your customers the ability and autonomy to set up pre-authorized payment agreements, and a wide selection of payment methods to choose from. (ie.Credit card, bank transfer, debit, etc.)
Revolutionary AI Driven Collection Software.

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