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No Talk Payments: Remove friction from collection process

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We have helped our client No Talk Payments, one of the largest, online Payday Loan companies in Canada, to dramatically increase their debt collection revenue and bottom line, using our white label, AI-driven collection technology and proven system.

Statistics show that the majority of consumers in Canada the U.S. react negatively to frequent calls from collectors, which often serve to alienate the consumer. In fact, the more calls that are made, the less likely that debt will be recovered.

That's why today's collection industry has such bad publicity, compliance violations, and a poor recovery ratio record.

So when we began working with No Talk Payments our goals were simple:

  • Eliminate time spent by the No Talk Payments employees on collections:
  • Drastically reduce the cost of collection procedures:
  • Follow all regulations and remain compliant:
  • Maximize monies recovered and slash bad debt ratio:
  • Dramatically Improve consumers’ experience:

So why were we so successful?

Here's our little secret. By accomplishing the last goal first (Improving the consumer experience) it made the rest of the goals possible. By empowering the consumers and putting them in control of the debt repayment and negotiation process, we turned the majority of No Talk Payments's overdue Consumers into partners in the debt resolution process.

What makes this approach so Effective?

In addition to turning the Consumer into a partner in the debt collection process, the No Talk Payments system is designed to remove obstacles at every point of the collection process.

No Talk Payments was able to adjust debt collection parameters to meet local regulations and align with their internal needs, and their consumers could customize the process to their taste and needs as well, with custom payment options, schedules, reporting, billing frequency, and much more.

Their customers could jump onto the payment platform from anywhere at anytime to make a payment, and / or negotiate or renegotiate a payment agreement until everyone was satisfied with the arrangement.

Then No Talk Payments handled all the payment and compliance issues without requiring any help from No Talk Payments. Regular payments were processed automatically, and on time, providing payment monitoring and analytics for No Talk Payments, while at the same time complying with all local laws and federal regulations.

Debt Collection goes Digital with No Talk Payments

Studies have shown that credit-card customers by a large percentage prefer to be contacted by email and text. No Talk Payments provides stress free, convenient communications, and payment option flexibility. The consumer is in the driver's seat, during their debt negotiation

Consumers often feel nervous when they receive calls from Traditional collectors, and under pressure to make payment commitments they may have trouble honouring later. Needless to say, pressure doesn’t ensure the payment of a debt. Plus the options collectors provide on the phone are often limited, and targeted to the collection companies agenda, rather than the ability of the consumer to pay, and their preferences.

The debtor may also doubt the security of the payment options offered, and may grow nervous when hearing the lengthy legal disclosures collectors are required to say on the phone. But with No Talk Payments all the compliance requirements are built into the solution, and the entire debt negotiation system has been designed to be user-friendly and empower the consumer to feel good about their experience, and positive about settlement of their debts.

And because No Talk Payments service is working for our clients 24/7, it frees collectors to focus on more challenging delinquent accounts, rather than wasting time calling consumers who respond positively to the digital debt payment experience. Collectors can also assess the status of each debtor quickly, with reports on chosen payment options, daily instalments, unique logins, and a host of report data available on our system.

Case Study Results

In the first three months of implementing No Talk Payments 24 /7 white label debt collection services for No Talk Payments, the platform collected more than HOW MANY? payments AND collected over HOW MUCH? In total debt reclamation dollars, through our debt negotiation platform. In addition, the No Talk Payment system settled WHAT PERCENTAGE? of debt faster than with traditional collection methods.

And analytics showed that our 24 / 7 service access and non-threatening, consumer friendly debt resolution process had dramatically improved the experience for their customers.

Overall, in HOW LONG? No Talk Payments increased their monthly collected debts by WHAT PERCENTAGE? which translated into HOW MUCH MONEY?

Ready to make your past-due customer experience more positive?

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  • Fully Automated, White Label Service
  • Fast Implementation
  • Faster Debt Resolution
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Real-Time, in-depth Reporting
  • Brand Excellence
  • Built-in Compliance
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Higher Customer Retention after collection


  • Empowering, Self Service Debt Solving
  • Positive, Stress-Free Communication
  • Wide array of Payment Options
  • Convenient, responsive Debt Negotiation
  • 24/7 Service Access
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Ease of use and Convenience
  • Satisfied, happy Customers